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Elderia Rose by Marcusqwj
Elderia Rose
SHSL Wayfarer, a Dangan OC.

Here's a full body thingy (: Can't reveal much about her yet. She's part of DRA:…
An abstract from my fanfic (DRA!) showing the thoughts of the 16 characters before bed time. I have little writing experience, so do excuse any incoherent sentences haha:

Judge Daniel Lawson was close to giving up hope on the others. He really did not enjoy having to share this godforsaken living space with these belligerent ‘hooligans’. They were beneath him. The judge knows he could easily escape if he wanted to. But alas, it is against his moral principles to kill. The conflict fed him with anguish and resentment.

Chippendale Benjamin Down was anxious next to him. He believed someone will rescue them and he wanted everyone to know that, but the idea had not been well received. Is it wrong to give yourself hope? Is lying to maintain your sanity that bad? Maybe they were right; someone has to take disastrous actions. Would he...? No… the performer would rather wait.

Hazel Shepherd, the Farmer was like a blank slate. While she had her differences, she’d rather not express any opinions at all, or risk getting caught up in useless conflicts. She begrudgingly agreed that the best thing to do was to find a way out. There was some progress. But was it enough? No it wasn’t enough! It will never be enough.

Nearby, Carrie Hout, the Delivery girl felt uneasy. She just wanted to leave with everyone; but killing was not the answer! The only way out was to work as a team, but that was not happening! As a waitress, Carrie understood patience and she knew it is something most of the others were lacking. That’s it, starting tomorrow; she’ll try to preach it out loud!

Make Up Artist Amos Aldridge was irked by Monokuma’s words. Murderers will never be allowed in his books, and he certainly wouldn’t be one. However, the artist is also losing faith in his group’s progress. He’d do anything to get them to understand that they are too narrow-minded to function, even if he has to play the devil’s advocate.

His milder roommate, Irwin Toru the Sailor, felt lost. It’s the first time he has to work with such a diverse group of strangers. It certainly felt pressurizing to have to follow them all the time, but at the same time it did feel comforting to know they have your back. Irwin trusted them, and that alone is the hope he needed to push through this ordeal.

Treasurer Mei Jin yearned to go back home. She wanted to see Popo and all her family members. Living in such confusing conditions was taking a toll on her. Why is this happening? She doesn’t know. Who is this Monokuma? She doesn’t know either. The uncertainty was driving Mei to a corner and she wanted out now.

Next to her, Astronaut Luna Tsukino was eager to sleep and forget everything. She was not going to let her feelings cloud her judgment. She laughed it off. No way she would do something so foolish. What matters, was to figure a way out that doesn’t involve killing. And there’s nothing more appealing to the space girl than a mental challenge.

Exterminator Ryota Yamamoto was a little too excited for his comfort. He figured if he could understand just how the studio works, he could find a way to save everyone. It reminded him of his previous missions. In the meantime, he was fine with adapting to life in the studio. It was what he was trained to do. The gears in his head turned as he slept.

Solomon Lark, the Bard had knocked out in sorrowful sobs across the room. The harsh reality had finally sunk in. They’re trapped and one must kill. It’s a pity because he really wanted to return to Novoselic. The musician had become so immune to his own sadness, he doesn’t really feel that upset anymore. He was in a stable mellow.

Elderia Rose, the Wayfarer rested quite peacefully. Living on edge was like bread and butter to the vagrant. It’s not like she had anything to look back to, because she had no real ‘home’. Also, it’s not her fault she’s not helping the others escape; they are just too stressed and Elderia sees no point in getting worked up so much.

In contrast, the ballerina Nina Lagunov who slept nearby wanted to scream. She really wanted to get back home with her stage crew. Her classmates didn’t feel like family at all. It’s quite plain as day to the dancer that there is no way out. A murder must happen. Nina shivered again – she didn’t want to be the first victim. As much she liked drama, living in one was hell.

Victor Gauch the Mountaineer really missed his exciting life in the Swiss Alps, outside the walls of Monoland Studio. He had worn himself out by doing anything and everything to help Tilda. He doesn’t mind, since he can’t sit still in this serious, boring environment. One day, everyone will thank Victor! The one who saved them all!

Across the room, Kai Cinead, the Fireman was in a battle with himself. He had a lot of trouble adapting to the place and he feared he couldn’t meet the high expectations of his group. Kai wanted nothing more than to escape this mess but he didn’t have the heart to leave everyone else behind… Ah oh well, the fire fighter will just sleep through it. Sweet dreams.

Tilda Morrow the Sheriff was angry at how stubborn people can be. Time is ticking. There is no knowing when someone might just… do it. The sheriff just doesn’t understand why her classmates aren’t serious. There was nothing enjoyable in this place. It was terrifying. But she can’t show that! She must be strong for everyone!

Her roommate, Penelope Grey, the Dream Therapist was overthinking. She was quick to dismiss any thoughts of murder that unceremoniously appeared in her head. She wished she would stop thinking of such things. She was also certain that some of her classmates had enough motive to kill. However, she convinced herself that they would not resort to such things.

DRA Abstract 1
Dangan Ronpa Action, fanfiction…

Hopefully, I'll have time to write a full chapter *sweats*
And yes, they stay two-to-a-room.
Kai Cinead | Dangan Ronplay by Marcusqwj
Kai Cinead | Dangan Ronplay
Kai Cinead
(pronounced: KYE KIN-ahd)

- K
- Strawberry Head


|description of shsl|
He did not appear aggressive, and was instead humble and helpful, albeit a little lost. Kai’s cheeks had burn stains. His upturned strawberry hair flared like a fire. It was akin to an Olympic torch that showed his dedication and responsibility to society at large.

21 (due to 5 years of fire & rescue training)

183cm | 6ft

76kg | 167lbs

4 march 1994





The burly man was unkempt and dirty. His grey sweat-stained shirt hugged his body uncomfortably. The worn orange leggings he wore had red suspenders. He wore a dark cool-toned fireman jacket with orange reflectors, black gloves and boots - all of which softened his powerful angular frame. 

Responsible, loyal and conscientious, Kai is the humble duty fulfiller who vows to protect others. Despite his strong exterior and silent rage, his kind heart seeks to for order and stability. Kai can be unnecessarily neutral to conflicts, yet stubbornly preventive of dangerous actions (aka a wet blanket).

The guy is 
socially awkward and can be a nerve wreck when others expect much of him. Most of the time, the redhead is misinformed, party due to his illiteracy to all languages; sometimes, it is he who misinforms others because of his slang. He has potential hero complex, and blames himself for failing to save murder victims or victims of despair. ISFJ.

Protecting the weak, security, fulfilling his duty, neutrality, cold jokes.

Failure, high expectations, attention, taking sides, unsafe fun.

- unknown -

The hefty fellow scratched his head, “Oh… me? A-wiz-nae day dreamin’! Aye I’m… Fireman Kai! I mean, Kai Cinead!” He jumbled his words with a gruff Scottish accent.


After his town in a Scottish Island fell victim to a large fire, Kai vowed to protect his loved ones by dropping school to train firefighting in Edinburgh for 5 years. He was known for his heroic leap from the burning building to another (while rescuing an old lady) which left permanent burn scars on his cheeks. His fame reached Japan and though he was reluctant to leave home for Hope Peak's, the town folks urged him to, as he was their pride.

|motive that drives despair|
- Exploding from bottled-up emotions, an unplanned/accidental crime.
- Alternatively, a murder to save someone else from murder/suicide, but was too rough.
- Or a hero complex kidnap/roleplay-turned-accident (extreme case only).

Lamenting Flashover of the Raging Laddies
Kai stood inside a metallic sewer. A circle of flames erupted from the drain holes on the floor. The faces of the people Kai failed to save begin to haunt him. He tries to turn on a hose reel but Monokuma had rigged it with diesel. A flashover kills him.  

His axe? But more likely with his bare hands or whatever is at the scene.

|killer or victim|
Either way is fine.

Cross examination! :O by Marcusqwj
Cross examination! :O
HOLD IT! This is a test of the 'Ace Attorney' part of my Dangan Fanfic! DRA Update 1

I can't make a game, so I'm trying tumblr style. :>


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