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TDM Part 2/11 by Marcusqwj
TDM Part 2/11
Presenting the second victim!

Total Drama Mystery was mystery visual fanfic idea (Total Drama Mystery Update 2) I had for a while but I decided to cancel it. Anyway, since it's over, I'm going to leak the overall plot over a series of 11 sprite drawings I did. Apologies for those who waited!

Here's the second snippet:

Anne Maria would be the protagonist for the second chapter. Dawn comforted Cody about the loss of Beth. After TDROTI where he regrettably left his men behind, Brick became insanely obsessed with protecting everyone, that he became the de-facto leader/dictator. Noah began to suspect Brick was controlling them. Anne Maria found out that Trent had accidentally smuggled his number one fan, Kelsey, in his guitar case (Kelsey actually snuck in when he wasn’t looking). Despite his protests, Anne Maria told everyone about it. The new girl became well acquainted with everyone. Trent was recovering from his break up with Gwen and he became an ambitious money-loving crazy douchebag. Since Katie didn’t share her info on the last murder with Trent, he got mad and broke up with her. Anne Maria then developed feelings for Trent because of his doucheness, while Eva really wanted to kill that son-of-a-musician for making Katie cry. Then, surprise, Trent became the second victim. The mastermind was sick of love triangles, so they ended him and pinned the blame on Kelsey. However, her name was cleared and Mr Coconut brought her back home in the Lame-O-Sine since she’s actually an intruder. Dawn’s group did better this round, because Cody recovered from his loss and became stronger. Another reason was because Dawn’s songbird (Luther) witnessed the crime. Eva raced with Brick for the clue and accidentally injured him. After discovering Trent’s body, Katie’s true, evil split personality (Mad Katie) began to show. Thankfully, B invented an AI that resembled Sadie for Katie to cheer her up, quelling that personality. But this AI business increased Anne Maria’s suspicion of B being the mastermind.

Trent was on a ladder against a tower to retrieve Kelsey's abandoned kite when the mastermind slashed his leg from a window using scissors. This caused Trent to fall backwards with the ladder, landing onto the spike of a gate, killing him. The ladder was burnt in a furnace and the bloody scissors were discarded in Kelsey's knapsack.
TDM Part 1/11 by Marcusqwj
TDM Part 1/11
Presenting the first victim!

Total Drama Mystery was mystery visual fanfic idea (Total Drama Mystery Update 2) I had for a while but I decided to cancel it. Anyway, since it's over, I'm going to leak the overall plot over a series of 11 sprite drawings I did. Apologies for those who waited!

Here's the first snippet:

Firstly, as the 10 contestants and Blaineley were heading to the film lot, the train they were in, stalled and everyone was put to sleep. When they woke up, Blaineley was missing (supposedly kidnapped). Dawn realises she can read everyone except Noah, making him a prime suspect of the kidnapping. They investigated the film lot and then the murders began. Beth would have been the first victim. She won TDA, so I felt it was fair she went down first. Cody would have been the first chapter's protagonist and learns that despite getting engaged to Brady next month, Beth still harboured feelings for him. The mastermind had found that out and was disgusted by her two-timing nature and thus kills her first.  A mysterious host (A bloodied Mr Coconut) rolls out and told them to find how the murder happened or else they would be the next victim, so each person had to fight for his or her self. Each person can only visit one 3 places: the crime scene, the last known whereabouts or the morgue to see the victim’s body (adapted from Who Dunnit). During the investigation, Noah was selfish and shared his info exclusively with Katie and Eva (each went to a different place). Thus the 9 students split into two groups. Noah with Katie, Eva and Brick (Brick joined in later because he impressed Noah with his conclusion). Meanwhile, Dawn was left with Trent, Anne Maria, B and Cody. Anne Maria initially tried to nose her way into Noah’s group but failed and was mad that she was in the dumber group. Trent and Katie were dating (hinted in TDA), so Trent tried to get her to come to his side. Katie wasn’t sure what to do, so she declined. Dawn persuaded Katie to keep an eye on Noah. Noah's team had the upper hand and Trent felt he did badly and would be the next victim.

The murder:
Beth received a text that Cody was kidnapped in the studio. She wore a tiki mask, a bathrobe and stole a gun to confront the mastermind and rescue her crush, but she got shot on the head right through with a bow and arrow, which breaks a mirror. The killer removed the bathrobe (with the gun inside) to wipe the blood and stashed it in the laundromat. Then the killer moved her body using the mat against the mirror. Then the mastermind hid the bow and arrow in an umbrella pot.

Edmund Redesign by Marcusqwj
Edmund Redesign
From Beta design (left) to Alpha design (right)

My Dangan Ronpa OC, Edmund Burton is SHSL Explorer

Made him look more outdoorish and turned his hair to dirty brown.
DRA Update 1 / TDM is cancelled by Marcusqwj
DRA Update 1 / TDM is cancelled
Luna, Edmund (to Victor), Yoon (to Elderia)

So you may have noticed I posted some OC designs.

These are my Danngan Ronpa OCs for an OC fanfic I'm in the middle of writing! Anyway, if you follow me and know about my Total Drama Mystery project, I had to cancel it and basically shift the plot over to this one, because... well I find it really hard to develop Total Drama characters as I have to make many of them "out of character" to move the plot.... (especially since Dangan Ronpa plots tend to be serious and dark, while Total Drama characters are quite flat).

Also, in TDM, I originally intended to have 1 murderer and multiple victims but that didn't work out. So this time, I made my own characters and plan to follow strictly to Dangan Ronpa's settings of 5-6 murders (each with different murderers and victims). The setting of the abandoned film lot (which I'm temporarily calling "Monoland Studio") is, however, related to Total Drama Action, which technically makes it partial-crossover, so those who follow me for my Total Drama stuff will have something to enjoy.

Top Row (L to R)
Chippendale: Ben
Treasurer: Mei
Bard: Solomon
Wayfarer: Elderia

Second Row (L to R)
Exterminator: Ryota
Delivery Girl: Carrie
Ballerina: Nina
Judge: Daniel

Third Row (L to R)
Sheriff: Tilda
Dream Therapist: Penelope
Fireman: Kai
Astronaut: Luna

Last Row (L to R)
Mountaineer: Victor
Sailor: Irwin
Farmer: Hazel
Make Up Artist: Amos

Right, so here's the progress: I've written about 4 of the murders already, but I haven't written the character developments in detail yet. In any case, this fic will focus more heavily on the detective/sleuthing/gaming element rather than the character relations, hopefully to get my readers thinking. Some elements like non-stop debate from DR and Cross examination from Ace Attorney will also be included. If you're wondering why it's taking really long... well I'm reading lots of mystery novels and stuff to try to make my own plot logical and coherent.

Thanks for reading this ridiculously long post, whoever you are haha.


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